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georgia financial affidavit

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DOMESTIC RELATIONS FINANCIAL AFFIDAVIT 1. AFFIANT S NAME Spouse s Name Age Date of Marriage Date of Separation Names and birth dates of children for whom support is to be determined in this action Name Date of Birth Resides with Page 1 of 7 Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit Rev. March 2007 Provided by the Gwinnett Family Law Clinic 2. SUPERIOR COURT OF GWINNETT COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA Civil Action Plaintiff vs. Case Number Defendant. SUMMARY OF AFFIANT S INCOME AND NEEDS a Gross monthly...
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Who needs a Georgia Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit?

This form of financial affidavit is to be used either by the petitioner or respondent during the specific family law case in order to verify their income, assets, liabilities, and personal expenses.

What is the Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit for?

This declaration is to be given under oath. A person filing this affidavit with the court indicates their financial condition, specifying the sources of all revenue and detailing expenditures as well. Once filed with the court, this form becomes an essential piece of evidence in a particular court case.

In case false information is provided, the submitter will face serious penalties including imprisonment.

Is the GA Financial Affidavit accompanied by other forms?

A submitter should attach copies of the two most recent pay stubs. This form should not be accompanied by other documents. However, if the court has any questions, the submitter must provide all necessary documentation confirming the information on this form.

When is Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit due?

The Georgia Financial Affidavit does not have a precise term of validity. It should be filed at any time the need arises. Normally, the deadline for this document submission is specified in a separate court order or explained during the proceedings.

How do I fill out the Georgia Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit fillable form?

There are instructions prior to each block of the form. These instructions should be read closely before filling out this affidavit.


You should provide information on the following items in order to complete the form:

  • Submitter’s personal information;

  • Employment information;

  • Education/Training information;

  • Gross Monthly Income;

  • Self-employment Income, if applicable;

  • All Monthly Expenses for Children;

  • Health and Dental Insurances;

  • Schedule of all monthly expenses: housing, utilities, food, clothing, transportation or automobile, miscellaneous;

  • Outstanding debts and accounts.

Where do I send Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit?

Once completed and signed, this affidavit should be filed with the appropriate court where the proceedings taking place. A copy must be sent to the other party involved in the proceedings and another copy should be kept for the submitter’s private records.

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Instructions and Help about georgia affidavit financial form
Laws dot-com legal forms guide Georgia domestic relations financial affidavit form section nine — six — 15 and II Georgia resident filing a family court case concerning child support alimony division of property in a separation or related attorneys fees will need to file a domestic relations financial affidavit along with the appropriate petition the document must be served upon the other party before the case will proceed you may complete the form which can be obtained from the website of the Georgia Court system at any time however you must sign it in the presence of a district clerk or notary public step 1 and — the name of the plaintiff and defendant where indicated on page 1 as well as the county where the case is being heard step 2 in section 1 and 2 your name and the head of your spouse as well as the date of your marriage and separation lists the names and birthdates of all children and which spouse they live with step 3 skips to section 3 follow the instructions to determine your gross monthly income transfer this figure from line 3 a to line 2a deduct federal state and phi CA taxes withheld from wages to determine your net monthly income transfer this figure from 3 c2 to be alternately you can complete an attached child support schedule a step 4 in Section 4 list all assets and whether they are jointly are separately owned explain your basis for any claim that an asset is non-marital step 5 in section 5a follow the instructions to determine your total expenses transfer this number to see in section 5 B note all payments to editors add these to the number from 5 a and line C and transfer this number to line to see step 6 your spouse must be served with a copy of this affidavit prior to any courtroom hearing to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws dot-com
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